Mission Statement

The institute focuses on the following global affairs themes: Greek Domestic Politics, Greek Economic Policy, Greek Foreign Policy, Greek Defense Policy, Greek Legal Matters, Comparative Law, International Law, U.S. Domestic Politics, U.S. Economic Policy, U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S. Defense Policy, U.S. National Security, U.S. Homeland Security, U.S. Warfare, Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Warfare Analysis, European Politics, European Security, Balkan Analysis, Middle East Analysis, Latin American Politics, Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Threat Assessment Analysis, Geopolitical Analysis, Strategic Studies, Force Protection, Human Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Global Intelligence, Global Homeland Security, Terrorist Financing, Counterinsurgency, International Affairs, Asymmetric Threat Operations, Strategic Intelligence, Counternarcotics Measures, Counternarcotics Warfare, Homeland Security, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Weapons and Issues, U.S. National Missile Defense, International Relations of the Pacific Basin, Energy Security in the Pacific Basin, Energy Security in Latin America, Chinese Strategic View and Foreign Policy, China-Latin America Relations, the Korean Peninsula Strategic Situation, South Korean Foreign Policy, North Korean Foreign Policy, Korean Unification Policies, Russian Politics, Russian History, Russian Military Affairs, Russian Religion Affairs, Russian Ethnic Affairs, Russian Economy, Japanese Foreign Policy, Foreign Investment in Energy and Political Risk Assessment, Energy and Green Growth, Asia-Pacific Security and Defense.


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