The Battle of Kursk: a Geopolitical Victory by Yevgeny Nikitenko

kursk0The road to victory in the Great Patriotic War was incredibly rough and blood-spattered for the Soviet people, who struggled forward despite defeats and retreats, enormous losses, hardships and destitution. But not only did they stop the enemy but also reversed the tide of the war and overwhelmed the main forces of the fascist bloc. Strategic decisions by the Soviet leadership, logistic support for the frontline, and spiritual unity on the home front and the battlefield laid the groundwork for an irreversible turnaround, the geopolitical victory of the Soviet people and the world community.

The Kursk Bulge was the arena of the most violent and decisive battles of the Second World War, the arena for the Soviet people to demonstrate bravery and mass heroism and determine the outcome of the battle against fascism.


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